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Zombie Election could happen if…

October 22, 2012

Garrett Epps, “a former reporter for The Washington Post, is a novelist and legal scholar. He teaches courses in constitutional law and creative writing for law students” and he has published today in The Atlantic “Zombie Election: 5 Ways the 2012 Race Could Stagger On for Months“:

1. Electoral-popular vote split
2. Narrow electoral victory for one side or the other
3. Tie in the electoral vote
4. Narrow electoral total, plus chaos in recount in one or more swing states
5. Ryan and Romney win electoral vote, 5-4

However, I don’t see the word “zombie” anywhere in the article except in the headline. So this “zombie” is possibly attributable only to the editors. Epps seems to only refer to a “nightmare” (But I have made this mistake before so maybe I am just not seeing it?)

Recall also a new computer game app called “Zombie Election” has recently been released

See also in Slate: “The Persistent, Zombie-Like Ohio Lead for Obama” by David Weigel – again “zombie” seems to be only in headline…


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