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Liberal arts IVy league elites are unprepared to survive zombie apocalypse

October 22, 2012

Andrew Godinich in the Columbia Spectator – “Educational oversight: zombies – An intense focus on the liberal arts prevents us from having practical skills.”:

zombie andrew godinich

during the zombie apocalypse, Columbia will not stand a chance.

skills needed in a man-eat-man world are no longer taught in schools,

are all pampered elitists who are filled with disdain at the thought of catching our own food or fixing our own car

your philosophy degree didn’t teach you how to reason with the undead.

We learn a lot at Columbia, but there’s a “real world” element to education that few of us here have attained. I can’t even change a tire without Siri anymore. There is a marked disconnect between the elite class and “the rest”—one that differentiates us not only by what jobs we have, but by how we experience the world around us. The experience of the “elite education” is such that it isolates us from the “survival skill” set. We are uniquely tooled to the “management consulting” economy, thinking the “big ideas” and leaving the specifics up to the little people. We are programmed, as the ruling class, to tell people what to do.

When the zombie horde arrives, it’s not going to be Columbia students who rebuild civilization from the ashes.

Note the connection of Siri to social media zombies and contrast the NYU zombie preparations guide.

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