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Presidential Monsters – Zombie Election Obama v Romney

October 20, 2012

Kapaoo Games has released “Zombie Election Obama v Romney” :

The zombie election is coming !
Choose your president, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, and lead him to the white house.
The journey will be very perilous as you will have to fight a horde of zombies, and face some various scary creatures !

zombie election game

With thanks to Darla Hanger at for reporting on this on other political zombies in “‘Zombie Obama’ and ‘Zombie Romney’ are targets for Halloween entertainment”. Hanger includes links to many presidential zombie videos including NY Mag: “Mitt Romney As A Zombie” , a youtube: “Romney vs. Obama: The Flesh-Eating Zombie Debate.” and this Portland zombie walk poster:

zombie obama romney portland 2012

Recall also Presidential Monsters Action Figures:

Baracula, Lincolnstein, The Ronmy, Wolf Bill
presidential monsters
and series 2:
Monster from the Watergate Lagoon, Phantom of the White House, Zom-bush
presidential monsters series 2

And recall “Smithsonian Museum’s Presidential Monsters”


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