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Energy Zombies @directenergy

October 18, 2012

The Sacramento Bee republished a PRnewswire story (a press release from Direct Energy): Help Protect Yourself Against Energy Zombies, Direct Energy launches consumer education campaign to help combat energy zombies about new zombie advertisement campaign available on The Direct Energy YouTube . The ads suggest that we are leaking energy from all sorts of plugged in charging devices and hair driers:

Ironically, the top youtube search result for direct energy is a more highly viewed video of a dude ranting that Direct Energy is a Scam — the comments suggest that he is a troll and that it isn’t a scam but who knows…

Also about a year ago, amptv100 posted a video called “Day of the Energy Zombies” which is a similar “energy zombies” idea as the Direct Energy Zombies, except that the amptv100 video is sort of more on point – it shows people like zombies mindlessly turning unnecessary lights on, whereas in contrast the Direct Energy Zombies are more literally zombie-creatures and don’t do anything to trigger the electricity, they don’t even know they have things pulling energy plugged in.

OK so this kind of energy slow leak is a legit problem but let’s compare a 100 Watt light bulb vs. the 3 Watts to charge my smart phone (and the charger alone draws 0.0 on my measure so at most 0.05 Watts if the phone is disconnected)… Turning lights off will save energy, turning computers off would save energy, but unplugging the charger? Sure it’s draining a bit but even if I let the cell phone drain 3 Watts per hour all day long for a month, we’ve only hit like 2 kilowatt-hours. So I think that’s about 20 cents in Direct Energy costs and maybe triple that because of delivery fees and taxes/surcharges. Ok so if I’m doing these calculations right the charger plugged in might cost like 50 cents to a dollar per month. In contrast if I leave the 100 Watt light bulb lit for the same 30 days, that’s like 72 kWh, or 36 times the cost of the charging cell phone. And presumably I might even unplug the cell phone sometimes and go places with it, and yes that unplugged charger is pulling a little bit maybe but absolutely nothing compared to the lights left in the kitchen.

None of this has anything to do with Zombie Solyndra’s $1.5 BILLION claim against the Chinese . But every little bit adds up…

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