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300th ZombieLaw Post Served – Thank you all

October 16, 2012

I really don’t always trust the wordpress statistics for this blog but if we believe it, it says this is my 300th Zombie Law blog post.

It really has been a wild ride since starting this blog back in late February. The ZombieLaw book is now funded and there are so many people to thank for that. A thank you page will be appearing on this blog very soon. And some of the promotional merchandise will ship this month. Thank you also to all the media that covered this project in blogs and press. The project is far from over.

Today’s zombie news is somewhat flooded by “Walking Dead” reviews but there is an interesting story from Des Moines, Iowa about the restaurant Zombie Burger + Drink Lab. ZombieLaw previously mentioned this same Zombie Burger establishment way back in March near when I first started this blog, because they were used as a gathering site for a protest by Radioactive Zombies of a nuclear power plant.

Today Cody Rhodes at 13WMAZ reports ‘Zombie Burger’ Restaurant Gets Franchise Requests. This is an interesting story about another entrepreneur getting caught up in the “zombie” meme.

QSR magazine, a restaurant industry publication, features the Des Moines horror-themed burger joint as its “standout store” in its October magazine. Managing Partner Paul Rottenberg tells the magazine that stores in other markets and franchising is “a real possibility.”

“We get requests on a weekly basis. Nothing in the works right now, but it is definitely something that discussed as an eventual goal,” clarified Christopher Diebel, spokesman for Orchestrate Management, which operates Zombie Burger + Drink Lab.

Chef George Formaro got more national attention (of a niche variety) when he was featured in September’s issue of horror magazine Rue Morgue.

They are getting a lot of press and this is actually an interesting thing from a legal perspective too. The general theme of zombies are not copyrightable. But the specific expressions of their menu might be and more important, the commercial connection of hamburgers to zombies is protected by trademark and consumer confusion laws.

Zombie Burger is getting itself a lot of press but doesn’t really seem ready to branch out. So if you were an aspiring restauranteur maybe you’d be better off just naming your new burger joint Zombie Diner or something else – Chateau Zombie?. But I bet there are a bunch of suckers who might be interested in buying a franchise for a brand that’s gotten some random press. The Zombie Burger people should maybe get a Kickstarter to raise money to develop a franchise plan. Or perhaps they could just outsource the whole franchising to another company. Maybe they’ll open one in Asia (the next Shake Shack?). Meanwhile these zombie cookies at a bakery profiled by Zagat are probably still ok because they are literally zombie cookies – it’s descriptive right?

This zombie meme craze may not last forever but for now it’s definitely still going strong.

And so with this 300th post, the same is true for this blog effort. Who knows how long I will continue to track the word in the news (I need to get back to the legal cases and focus on finishing this book project) but the project is definitely not over yet… Happy 300th zombie served. Thank you all.

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