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World Zombie Day #WorldZombieDay

October 13, 2012

So today is World Zombie Day which is incidentally less than a week after Columbus Day (are they Native zombies?). Like Columbus Day and Pride Day, today’s World Zombie Day is celebrated by parades and gatherings of people associated to the subculture. This weekend also coincides with the return of AMC’s “Walking Dead” (but not on Dish Networks).

See Washington Post: “Zombies attempt to take Washington, are stopped by U.S. Park Police” by Lisa de Moraes — Recall previous moments in the AMC/Dish zombie protests (NYC-zombies-hidden-camera-experiment and A.Zombie-for-President.

Also Rolling Stone released it’s list of “The 10 Best Zombie Movies” by Peter Travers – intriguingly similar to the list of non-zombie movies and zombie rule-breakers (see Re-animator, 28 Days Later, Dead Alive/Braindead). Travers top three are Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead (1978 and 2004). Ok, so do we all agree the Romero-zombies are zombie movies, or does anyone disagree (to play devil’s advocate: maybe it’s all these other creatures that are zombie and they are actually the different creature? blasphemy!)

And speaking of blasphemy, this World Zombie Day is special for me because this week I celebrate the successful funding of my zombie book on Kickstarter. Is it really a zombie book? Well it’s a lot of cases with the word in it. Is it really a legal casebook? Well, it’s a lot of cases so yes of course. But surely some will say it’s neither. It is sort of legal research blasphemy to study the law by only searching a single word. But to all you law zombie blasphemers, I wish you a very happy world zombie day.


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