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Survive the Zombie Apocalypse in a Dissertation Writing Room

October 10, 2012

Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse At NYU: A Comprehensive Guide” by Kelly Weill in NYU Local is a humorous piece suggesting ways for NYU students to avoid the zombie apocalypse. The map highlights the fifth floor of Bobst Library, “a nearly windowless cell” called the Dissertation Writer’s Room.

The article explicates a variety of NYU-types and their trope-specific zombie-survival behaviors, in a list that is again reminiscent of George Mazzei’s 1979, “Who’s Who in the Zoo?” which is on my mind because of similarity to the bestiary of non-zombie zombies, that I posted earlier today. There is something about zombies that is inherently related to this type of list.

This also reminds me that I really need to spend more time writing my dissertation…

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