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Congress Utah’s 2nd District, Zombies = Labor Unions, Same-Sex Adoptions, and Social Security

October 9, 2012

Chris Stewart is running for Congress in Utah (2nd District). He is an author of apocalyptic fiction (“novels with LDS themes”), a management consultant and also a former Air Force B-1 Bomber pilot who set a record for flying around the world in just over 36 hours.

In video segment at, Stewart says:

My true world view is actually the opposite of that apocalyptic … maybe there is going to be the zombie apocalypse or something like that, but really I think we have a great reason to be hopeful and that’s I think the more important message

Fox juxtaposes the zombie apocalypse comments with the fact that Stewart’s opponent’s, Jay Seegmiller is a “union member and leader” and the Fox clip cuts from zombies to Seegmiller’s defense of labor unions, then mentions that both candidates support same-sex unions but that Stewart opposes equality for adoptions, and then the Fox segment concludes with dueling clips about positions on Social Security. caps on earnings and the video shows all this money being counted.

The implications are clear, union workers, same-sex parenting, social security recipients … zombies. It’s not as blatant as the John Dennis zombie campaign ad but it’s the same style of Republican “zombie” rhetoric that goes back over 60 years (see from the 1940’s Bob Hope clip and Clara Boothe Luce reference to ‘Sidney Hillman’s political zombies’ and more recently “Maine Democratic Party like a soulless zombie“).

zombie chris stewart

[And thanks to Nick Wing at HuffPo for writing about this.]

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