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Why Batman and Zombies ? Law and legal transgression !

October 8, 2012

Zombies, Batman and Samurais Come to Life in Cinematic Cutout Photos” by Jakob Schiller in Wired, is about the cut-out art of David Reeves. But note again the connection of Batman to zombies.

Recall, Batman fought Japanese zombies in 1943 and some critics read the most recent Batman movie, Dark Knight sequel as anti-OccupyWallStreet propaganda.

Batman is a character whose story epitomizes extra-judicial vigilante-violence as a necessary means to preserve traditional legal order. The Zombie serves to represent a generic evil group of people, easy scarecrow scapegoat victims to justify moral violence (see WW2, cold war) a set of expressionless repressed drones Others, unable to express their opinions, unable to say why they are doing what they are doing. It’s a breakdown in communication. Batman and the Joker are the same, and yet they can never understand each other. Like Holmes and Moriarty, there is an ironic unresolvable tension inherent in the law. Legal transgression (on both sides) is a part of the system (See Foucault).

Batman is often retired at the end of his stories in order to say he is no longer needed; a grateful hope. But then the movie-going community soon hopes for his return. And he does. Old, beaten, weary, he’ll enhance with technology (better special effects, see also cyborg theory) and return to vanquish whatever nihilistic-anarchic force would dare disturb Gotham — Zombies beware.

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