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Neuroethics – Zombie ethical questions – ” ZOMBETHICS ”

October 6, 2012

Neuroethics at Emory University will be having an ethic symposium on Halloween about zombies:

zombie ethics neuroethics emory

Zombies and Zombethics!

Walking with the Dead: An Ethics Symposium for the Living on Halloween 2012

Does it all come down to the brain?
When is a human no longer a person?
Why bother being good when the end is near?
What is free will? How should healthcare resources be allocated when pandemics hit?
What does end-of-life care look like for those for whom biological death is not the end?

Using BrrAAAins and zombies to explore tough neuroethical questions and ethical questions at the intersection of religion, medicine, and public health.

Notice on the itinerary, Dr. Schlozman is speaking at the 10:30am panel:

itinerary zombethics

Reported by Leslie King for Emory New Center, Oct 5th: “Zombies as a guide to ethical questions”

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