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Gail Collins: ‘Hooters, Zombies and Senators’

October 6, 2012

NYTimes, op-ed columnist, Gail Collins published yesterday: “Of Hooters, Zombies and Senators” about some of the political debates besides the presidential election, writing:

Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren sounded like two angry squirrels trapped in a small closet.


as a reward, we can also discuss a new campaign ad featuring zombies.


cobble something really weird together, put it up on the Web and hope it goes viral.

Unfortunately, she’s not talking about my Zombie Law Kickstarter campaign (which is about to fund with over 85 backers).

Collins is referring to California politics (the anti-Pelosi zombie ad), concluding the op-ed:

Last time around, Carly Fiorina, who was running for Senate in California, created a sensation with “Demon Sheep,” featuring an actor wearing a sheep mask with glowing red eyes.

Now John Dennis, the Republican opponent of the House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, has a new California sheep-themed conversation-starter. It portrays Pelosi as the leader of a cult of zombies, preparing a lamb for sacrifice. Then Dennis breaks in, saves the lamb, calls one of the zombies “Dude,” and denounces Pelosi for supporting the indefinite detention of American citizens who are suspected of being terrorists.

Not your typical Republican. Dennis ran against Pelosi before and got 15 percent of the vote. But I feel the zombie ad could well push him up into the 20s.

Questions: Is “cult of zombies” like cult of personality? Is the Dude a sort of zombie-state?

Also, does this count as Gail Collins being infected with the “zombie” meme? She is just reporting the story. So I don’t think it particularly fair to turn her into a zombie just yet. This is quite difference from her NYTimes compatriot Paul Krugman who has full on absorbed the word into his thoughts.

Still, how could I resist zombifying Ms. Collins; she’s just awesome. And besides I did it to David Brooks when he only used related “Hunger Games” themes. And so:

zombie gail collins

And recall:

zombie paul krugman zombie david brooks


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