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Nancy Pelosi Zombies in Republican Campaign Ad

October 1, 2012

John Dennis is the Republican running against Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi for California’s Congressional 8th District.

The Dennis campaign has a crazy new ad video entitled “Night of the Living Pelosi” in which a Pelosi character and a bunch of zombies are stopped from performing a sacrificial ritual by John Dennis. (Thanks to Alex Levinson at The Daily Caller for reporting in Pelosi conducts animal sacrifices, leads zombie army in new attack ad [VIDEO]):

Dennis accuses Pelosi of “burying us alive under a mountain of debt,” the Pelosi-impersonator responds about jobs which stirs a response of moans from the zombies.

He next accuses her of voting “to detain American citizens indefinitely” and says he “wouldn’t have voted for that”. This is presumably a reference to the controversies about “indefinite detention” under section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act. The Pelosi-character responds “Are you serious? Are you serious?” and Dennis uses that question to transition to the official “I approved this message” but can he really be serious that he would have voted against NDAA? That bill received substantially more support from Republicans than Democrats (see vote result), so if this is really his position he would be a minority voice in his party. Seeing as this was a tiny piece of huge military legislation package the appropriate response really is “are you serious?”

The obvious response to any zombie political rhetoric is that the person must not be really serious. But that always misses the larger issue. The zombie is not an elegant metaphor, it’s kind of silly and it’s not really clear what it means. However, responding that it is not serious, only strengthens the other side. The opponents of the indefinite detention language in NDAA are very serious and should be responded to with seriousness.

Instead the Dennis ad is a literal demonization of his political opponent and reenforces the Republican message that Democrats are blind-followers who can’t think for themselves and just keep running up the debt. It perpetuates an unhealthy level of us-vs-them politics and the People are reduced to zombies and sheep.

I have no love for Nancy Pelosi and the “indefinite detention” language in NDAA should absolutely be corrected, but the Dennis ad shows clearly that it’s he and his campaign who have been infected with the “zombie” meme:

zombie john dennis


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