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HIMYM Zombies and Law Books

September 27, 2012

This past Monday night on the season premiere of the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” [HIMYM], the two new parents, Marshall and Lily, are so sleep-deprived that they see everything as if through a fish-tank and become “zombies”.

CNN Marquee Blog by Frank Pallota wrote: “Lily and Marshall are soooo tired that they’re basically under-the-sea zombies! Hilarious, right?” and Blast by Bill Peloquin: Marshall had the best line: “We’re not going to be one of those parents that have a zombie and become total babies!”

But both critics say the show is over and dragging on and want it to end (zombied!). Peloquin’s article ends with an appeal to the HIMYM writers to end this zombie show, “empty relationships are going to end up dragging the show down” and Pallota also wants the ending “sooner rather than later”, and says the show is like another line from the same episode: “almost the thing you want but not quite.”

Hmm, empty relationships and things that are not quite the object of desire… sounds like French Theory to me (but doesn’t everything!) –But seriously empty signifiers and objet petit a — Then again isn’t that the sitcom in a nutshell – particularly post-Seinfeld (recall ZombieLaw on Seinfeld). The sitcom itself is a sort of zombie art form persisting from an older technological era. But of course, the HIMYM writers know this and so they are having fun with it… which for me makes this show worth another season. Zombie on classic sitcom, zombie on…

ALSO – Notice the set dressing in the living room set – legal casebooks!!! Just like the soon to be – “wait for it” – “legendary” Zombie Law casebook I am currently trying to produce on kickstarter – “Zombies in the Federal Courts”.

himym law books nph

How I Met Your Mother proves that both zombies and law book are very topical ideas in the current New York absurdist intellectual aesthetic. The responses from 40 backers so far have been very positive but we have only about 11 days to go and still need considerable funding. Please HIMYM fans, spread the message about this Zombie Law book Kickstarter campaign.

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