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Two Zombie Movie Lists

September 20, 2012

Here at ZombieLaw, I don’t tend to write about movies. Usually I only mention movies when they are involved in some litigation. But today I am going to link two io9 movie lists because I think they relate to the political consciousness themes I am exploring about the zombie character class.

12 Zombie Movies that Root for the Zombies by Lauren Davis


The 13 Greatest Zombie Movies Ever Made by Meredith Woerner

Starting with Woerner’s list, I am struck by the predominance of zombie irony on her list. This is a version of zombie classics that strongly recognizes the comedic elements of the character but mixes in classic Romero zombie movies and starts with 28 days. Woerner is showing respect these zombie commercial successes while also strongly emphasizing the more humorous hollywood zombie stories (ZombieLand, ParaNorman, Shaun of the Dead, Death Becomes Her). Woerner also includes Bruce Campbell’s Army of Darkness which is sort of both. And White Zombie which is sort of neither. Overall, this is a nice list because it is sort of family friendly introduction to the character.

Meanwhile Davis’s list is perhaps more directly relevant to Zombie Civil Rights Pride and includes mention of ParaNorman and Colin, refers to the Matrix, places high value on Fido (also mentioned by Woerner and implicating the issue of social construction of animals, and particularly companion animals, see again Donna Haraway and cyborg theory). Davis also includes Zombie Strippers adding the element of economic sexploitation, and My Boyfriend’s Back is sort of feminist themed too.

Ok that’s enough ZombieLaw movies review, gotta get back to briefing law – there have been three new mentions of Zombie already this month in the Federal Court opinions – I already told you about the 7th Circuit “zombie web pages” (do you fear the persistent web?), and there has been an important zombie social security development in the 1st Circuit that I will brief for you all soon. In the meantime, please support the ZombieLaw book project at kickstarter by spreading the message and telling all your law zombie friends. Thank you.

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