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Zombie USB Flash Drive – pull Brain from Head

September 15, 2012

For me the Zombie Law Kickstarter Project really is mostly about the academic part of studying the word “zombie” as it has infiltrated real judicial opinions of the U.S. Federal Courts. But since everyone told me Kickstarters love novelty rewards, I designed a novelty USB zombie flash drive. I’m amazed that so far the book is actually getting the more positive feedback (written up in ATL, ABA and CJR). But have you seen the flash drives? They are awesome too.
zombie head brain usb flash drive

I drew this picture and sent it to a company and paid their tooling fees and have produced a limited edited batch of 250 for reward to promote the book. I think they are neat and if lots of people want them I will order more, the more I can order the cheaper they become. But if I ever reorder I will change the colors scheme slightly, so this first batch is a true limited edition of 250 available now with the Zombie Law Kickstarter project

original zombie usb flash drawing

But really, you know you want the book too. In the meantime read some zombie law cases already blogged.


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