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Cheesy Zombie Cheese

September 12, 2012

In “Rise of the Cheese Zombies“, Savannah Tranchell of the Yakima Herald revisits the Midwestern classic school lunch phenomenon, Cheese Zombies, a doughy creation filled with government cheese. This article explains a restaurant that has started serving a version of the school lunch. And earlier article (from May in the same news outlet and by the same author) mourned the loss of an inventor of this food, Mrs. Dorothy Lucille (Pelley) Finch, the School Food Service Supervisor for the Grandview School District, “Longtime Yakima Valley resident, inventor of Cheese Zombie, dies“. A mention of cheese zombies on the Weight Watchers site suggest it’s worth saving points to indulge. But many recipes seem to recommend not using real cheese because it just gets too greasy, better to use American cheese or Velveeta for a smooth creamy cheese pie that only the American Midwest could invent.

zombie cheese

I’m not exactly sure what makes it “zombie”, I guess just the general gooey-ness (but also that it’s ‘fake’ or ‘artificial’ cheese). Some versions seem to add meat in with the cheese; maybe someone could make a version with including head cheese. Also recall other zombie food-type products — candies and rum.

And speaking of cheesy zombie cheese, have you seen my ZombieLaw Kickstarter project yet? Please help support the creation of Zombie Law The Book!!!


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