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Darwinian evolution is the Zombie Apocalypse in cap-news satire of TheScienceGuy

September 11, 2012 is satire news (of course in this era of zombie lies, is that much different from real news?). Today CAP published “Bill Nye Video Slams Zombie Apocalypse Theorems” – he didn’t – they are making fun of Nye’s recent slam of Creationism in this video “Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children”:

zombie bill nye

So in the cap-news parody they turn evolution denial into zombie apocalypse denial.

The satire article also “quotes” Matt Mogk of ZRS. Did he actually say that? I guess who cares. The point is that zombies and zombie apocalypse theorem make the world more complicated and fascinating. Without zombies (or rather, without evolution):

you are just not going to get the right answer, your whole world is going to be a mystery instead of an exciting place. As my old professor Carl Sagan said, ‘when you are in love you want to tell the world.’

I love Bill Nye.


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