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Zombie Election Commission

September 10, 2012

“[T]he Election Assistance Commission seems to be turning into a zombie organization: still standing, but sapped of life.” writes Emily Heil in the Washington Post.

zombie emily heil

Heil explains in “A zombie voting commission“:

The EAC, created in response to the voting-system meltdown during the 2000 presidential election, is totally leaderless. All four commissioner spots are vacant, and it hasn’t had an executive director since last year.


‘The EAC hasn’t held a public meeting since 2011 — something it needs commissioners to do. And it can’t select an executive director without them, either. A spokesman responded to the Loop’s inquiries with an e-mail stating that “we are working to serve our mission according to the policies in place that were established earlier by the commissioners.”

The commission certifies elections systems and shares best practices of conducting elections, which are kind of a big deal this year, considering how tight many races are around the country this election cycle — raising the odds of lawsuits over voting procedures.


the organization’s paralysis is welcome news in some quarters.

A zombie commission might be just what they want.


In this other version, posted today “Chads vs. zombies?” the text is attributed to writer Al Kamen:

zombie al kamen


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