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WOOHOO, I’ve hit the big time – ZombieLaw on Above the Law

September 10, 2012

Many thanks to Chris Danzig at Above the Law for writing about my new “Zombies in The Federal Courts” Kickstarter project to create a real law school style book of zombie cases.

As Danzig has previously written:

How a person handles a semi-serious discussion of the zombie apocalypse can be an important indicator of a person’s sense of humor and general pleasantness to be around.

zombie chris danzig

Danzig’s comments about my kickstarter are so nice and I agree with everything he wrote. I too was a bit disappointed by my video production skills. And I am “nerdy” (not sure about cool but appreciate the compliment). Another friend referred to the book as “deranged but fun”.

I really enjoy the playful way that ATL covers Cardozo. I enjoyed my time at Cardozo so I have no reason not to own it, they didn’t get me a job but I became a lawyer and learned how to read. I still don’t read all that well but much better than before. So now I am in a doctoral program to learn how to write. And the sheer fact that I have this blog and am trying to make this absurd book project is evidence that I am still learning.

Anyway, if this kickstarter fails I will have to try again a different way – failing is part of learning – but already I feel like just getting covered in Above the Law makes it a success. And to be compared to Deidre Dare (“sexy little adventure story”) and Adam Reposa (“Maniacal Truck-Smashing Lawyer”) – awesomeness – and though I expect some comments may be harsh (this is ATL afterall), it is still quite simply, awesomeness.

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