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YouMightBeATerrorist if you prepare for the zombie apocalypse

September 9, 2012

Ms. Smith, privacy and security fanatic, at Network World makes a fascinating juxtaposition of government messages today in “Feds Warn of Zombie Apocalypse! Buy emergency kit, but you might be a terrorist if…” noting that some of the same behaviors encouraged by DHS and CDC for emergency preparedness may trigger terrorist watch lists.

zombie smith

ZombieLaw has already told you about the CDC’s zombie preparedness and this week DHS FEMA got in on the zombie emergency act. Ms. Smith juxtaposes that preparedness message with recent reports from the LAPD and DOJ “Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities” to suggest that many of the behaviors are the same.

Recall a question posed to ZRS at the History of Modern Zombie Panel at 2011 San Diego Comic Con last year. The question (at 7:35 in this youtube clip):

What are your first reactions or thoughts when you hear stories online or on TV about groups of people who are seriously preparing for the zombie apocalypse and build these homes like concrete boxes?

Max Brooks thinks it’s “great” that they are preparing for if “something real happens”. Scott Kenemore thinks this “strain” of zombie fans were already “xenophobic” and “stock-piling canned goods and guns” before they became zombie fans and that they take up zombies because it fits into their “lifestyle”. Brooks then reminds to “obey the law”. Dr. Schlozman notes that surviving zombies will be about using our heads not weapons; out-thinking them not out-fighting them. And Mogk concludes reminding that if you are truly “serious about zombie survival” then you would be serious and not over-the-top.

This is similar to what the LAPD claims to be looking for, people in hobby stores that don’t seem to fully participate in the hobby. But I worry that this will only make stupid hobbyists into police suspects and not catch the terrorists who use their heads. As we pause this week to remember 9/11, we can remember that one of the terrorists obtained some suspicious flight training but also that the only weapons were ordinary box-cutters.

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