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Osama bin Ladin is a ghost and GM is a zombie

September 7, 2012

VP Biden has become fond of saying “Osama bin Laden is dead, GM is alive”. It’s funny that issues of what is dead and what is alive. Also funny in the morning radio ‘dead or alive’ sort of way, and also funny in the context of questions of whether a corporation is a person. Finally it reminds me of a recent debate in the journal of Consciousness and Cognition about the relative merits of ghosts vs. zombies for anti-physicalist arguments – see “A priori physicalism, lonely ghosts and Cartesian doubt” by Philip Goff and response “Are ghosts scarier than zombies?”. Goff’s claim is that where the p-zombie might not be fully conceivable (because we cannot really know all the parameters of the physical entity), the p-ghost does not suffer from this issue (Goff argues the essential elements of the ghost can be fully explicated). There remains empirical data that could add new facts about GM, but (assuming mainstream narratives are to be believed) there is no further empirical evidence about OBL.

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