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DNC Progressive Zombie Ideology

September 3, 2012

In anticipation of the Democratic National Convention, Bruce Thornton at writes “What to Expect at the Democratic Convention”:

Progressive ideas are beyond old. They’re dead. Yet they’re still walking around, mindless zombies reflexively moaning left-wing clichés and petrified orthodoxy. And just as the victims of zombies also become zombies when gnawed on by the undead, progressivism has spread by taking over schools, popular culture, the mainstream media, and for now the White House and Senate


expect the Dems to unleash the zombies, those reeking ideas like the “war on women.” The Convention will feature a whole slate of privileged women repeating feminist bromides that had some currency maybe in 1970. Expect hysterical charges about “taking away our right to choose,” which is zombie-speak for slandering and bullying Catholic institutions trying to protect religious freedom from government mandates to pay for birth control, or for demonizing those state legislatures trying to restrict infanticide disguised as third-trimester or partial-birth abortions

another moldering zombie sure to take center-stage in Charlotte is the “racism” charge progressives rely on to misdirect voters from their abject failures.

But the biggest, most rotten zombie we will see in Charlotte is the class-warfare rhetoric that has already dominated Obama’s campaign.


All these ideological zombies will be wandering around Charlotte next week, stumbling around under the slogan “Forward,” a truly Orwellian word for a party looking backward to the dead past.

I like this article not so much for the opinions expressed but for the metaphors; that ideology is petrified dead cliché (Dead White European Males) and that Orwellian doublespeak is “zombie-speak”.

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