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Zombie Soap and Zombie Heroes

August 31, 2012

Recently ZombieLaw told you about CantonRep’s blog from Warehouse on the Canal in Ohio (see post on Zombies and Autism. In that post I was inspired by the Canal warehouse blog’s connection of zombies to autism. Today I am similarly inspired by the juxtaposition of words in that blog: “Zombie Soap ideas” referring to ideas suggested after a previous post “Zombie Soap Opera: An original series” asked readers to send “nonsensical” ideas because “When things get tough sometimes it is the nonsensical things that help to put a smile back on your face.” (then defining nonsensical).

zombie warehouse canal

When I first saw the headline Zombie Soap, I thought he meant soap, ya know like to clean with, like a salt of a fatty-acid to remove lipids, ya know like that kind of soap. I thought this was apropo of zombie bath salts and the need to clean all that blood. That was not what the blog meant but I thought it was a good idea so I googled it and it seems GeekAlerks had a Zombie Soap just last month and many Etsy users are selling zombie soap products too (including many brain-shaped soaps, regular soaps with zombie label and even a plastic zombie figurines encased in soap).

So actually, the blog meant soap opera so that’s different. Notably a the blog says many commented the “want to see zombies also in some fashion to be as heroes.” And suggests: “We could have John Zom who walks with a stagger and he could be the John Wayne of zombies or since zombies just grunt and you cannot understand them, one could be the Arnold Schwarzenegger of zombies.”

I think that’s been made, it’s call Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991); see also zombielaw on “cybernetic zombie“. It’s an important trend seemingly growing in the marketing for zombies, particularly for ParaNorman (where the zombies are feared and bullied because they are not understood). But in ParaNorman the zombies also did a really bad thing in the past, and in Terminator, the machine knows he must kill himself after the mission is over (both for the crimes of his doppelganger in the first movie and for the possible dangers his body might be used to create – (although maybe if he stuck around he could have been useful?)).

Can there be a zombie hero who is heroic and has zombie pride but still end the movie without reference to some deep-seated guilt? And at that point could it still be considered a zombie, or is it impossible to clean a zombie and have he/she remain a zombie? Can the zombie only be a hero by becoming human or releasing into some more true death? Is there any example of a persistent zombie hero character?

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