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Facebook zombie-likes

August 31, 2012

Peter Kafka writes Facebook Goes Gunning for Zombie “Likes” about a change in policy at Facebook regarding improvement to site integrity that might change automated likes which he calls zombie likes.

I already posted my first thoughts are a comment on Kafka’s article; that we should try to figure out who these companies are and shame them for juicing their stats. But I am not really sure what zombie-facebook-like is? Are we just talking about automated hackers? What about the companies that have lots of accounts and hire people in India to spend their day logging in as different personas and making it appear they have interested users. I’m told that’s how they got Reddit started.

My guess is Facebook’s policy change won’t impact many prominent brands but may muck up a few marketing start-ups. Recall also zombielaw on zombie social media

zombie facebook

Finally, this phraseology of Zombie “Likes” is bothersome — first, it’s not really clear to me why quotes go around the word Likes and not around the word zombie — second, it is going to get very confusing with the term zombie-like.

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