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Texas Tech course on Zombie Culture

August 30, 2012

Zombies are popular in higher education. Recently ZombieLaw told you about University of Georgia’s Zombie Plague freshman course and a student club at University of Lincoln Nebraska. Texas Tech also has a zombie course taught by Rob Weiner, librarian.

August 2nd, KTU 103.5 reported “Texas Tech to Offer Course on Zombies”. Today, The Daily Toreador, Texas Tech student newspaper, reports “Class about zombies offered to honor students”. The article by Ashlyn Tubbs has a picture (taken by Lauren Pope) of Rob Weiner posing with what appears to be the book Zombie Culture: Autopsies of the Living Dead edited by Shawn McIntosh and Marc Leverette and another less identifiable book called “The Zombie”.

zombie rob weiner

Tubbs article in The Daily Toreador begins:

To Rob Weiner, zombies, of all monsters, are the most terrifying; yet, he believes they can teach his students various worldviews.

Weiner, a humanities librarian, currently instructs an after-hours class to 20 Honors College students called zombie culture: The zombie in history, film, literature, sequential art and the popular imagination.

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