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New Game ‘Farts vs. Zombies’ – metaphor for RNC ?

August 30, 2012

There is a new game “Farts vs Zombies arrives on Google Play, also features Unicorns as well” according to

The unicorn is evil, as are the zombies which the player must kill with farts. The unicorn is purple-pink with a heart on it’s ass.

Based on my watching the RNC, I suggest the unicorn is a symbol for Obama and the zombies are the DNC voters. The GOP are old farts, and this week they are killing it! Ryan hard-rocked with the zombie lies tonight and Condi was simply dreamy.

As the screenshots from the game, Farts vs. Zombies say: “This SH** is BANANAS”, “Stop punching yourself in the nose”, “Your ass is your only weapon”, “I love the smell of farts in the morning, it smells like victory”.

But former Secy of State Condoleeza Rice said tonight: “you cannot lead from behind” and former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee said: “It’s time that we no longer lead from behind, but that we get off our behinds and leave something lasting for those who came after us”

Exactly, FARTS! Front and center. Maybe former Senator Santorum’s “hands” could pull a finger; unlimited free natural gas right here at home!

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