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AMC’s zombie president appears in Tampa – NYtimes

August 26, 2012

AMC wants to get their network back on DISH Networks. They are using their association to zombie characters (because of their show Walking Dead), they have launched multiple sunday night campaigns that zombielaw has told you about: Zombies in NYC, A.Zombie for President website, and now, a live appearance of A.Zombie, presidential candidate.

zombie for president

Emmarie Huetteman reporting for NYtimes covered the story, “Zombie Candidate Crashes Republican Convention

With his finger on the pulse of the people, he is running on a platform that emphasizes job creation (“I’ll strive to increase America’s workforce… even if it kills me again,”) and health care (“I am pro-Zombiecare. Don’t be caught dead without it.”)

zombie emmarie huetteman

Huetteman also mentions that VP Biden had similar plans to crash the Tampa party but had to cancel his trip because of the storm.

As, Jennifer Nixon at NWA online, writes, AMC’s “Walking Dead” is not really about zombies – “The zombies are incidental in excellent Walking Dead” – (but it’s behind a paywall so I don’t know what Nixon actually wrote) – Recall my post yesterday about Laycock’s Russian Zombies, zombies are always political. Which is to say zombies are always about more than zombies.

That AMC’s A. Zombie president could get to Tampa but that the Vice President of the United States can’t, says something about the risks of flying in this weather.

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  1. Real World Zombie Survival Training Course in Tampa! Pretty cool!

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