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Ashton Kutcher Zombies

August 24, 2012

Yesterday, Ashton Kutcher, or his zombied twitter account, @aplusk tweeted: “how do you survive a Zombie apocalypse?” to over 11 million followers.

zombie ashton kutcher zombie guy branum

The tweet included link to this youtube video from the Thrash Lab series “The Factuary” featuring Guy Branum (note Mr. Kutcher is credited as Executive Producer):

Similar to Jerry Seinfeld, Mr. Kutcher is another sort of 1990’s era Hollywood zombie whose alienated products have overtaken him. Also, like Seinfeld, the subject-matter of Kutcher’s fame is also highly related to zombie themes because “That 70s Show” was a sitcom set in a context of economic stagnation (see Zombie Economy) and smoke-filled basements (marijuana). Also I referred to Kutcher’s twitter account as “zombied twitter” because it’s really not clear who is doing the tweeting, recall last year “Ashton Kutcher hands control of Twitter account to management team” (AND with his 11 million followers yielding only about 10,000 hits on the youtube video in the first hours how many of those 11 million are zombie too?)

Also I should mention that Guy Branum attended University of Minnesota Law School (according to his wikipedia entry)

(with thanks to ZombieLaw fan @amyrobinrox for tweeting me about the @aplusk tweet – other fans with tips should tweet me @LawZombie).
zombie amy robin

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