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Did you ever notice zombies? The Zombie Jerry Seinfeld

August 22, 2012

This is silly (and ‘about nothing’) – from HuffPo: “Jerry Seinfeld Learns About Zombies From MST3K’s Joel Hodgson In ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’ Spare Part (VIDEO) ” by Katla McGlynn .

The article is about a clip from Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee in which Hodgson explains to Seinfeld that zombies are “basically the undead” and some rules about biting contagion and that they are “like the background dancers in Thriller”. Seinfeld wonders if zombies actually like Michael Jackson music.

zombie jerry seinfeldzombie joel hodgson

Seinfeld is himself like a zombie because his success was so huge and his old products still swarm around. The old comedy never dies. Also his particular sort of nothingness-existential comedy, is highly related to the zombie-like sense of (non)self and akin to Sartre’s nausea (recall also Cory Booker’s nausea)

Also, Seinfeld was a voice and producer on the Bee Movie. “Zombees” are becoming an increasingly popular terminology for zombie bees that have disordered behaviors; possibly because of a parasite that takes over the organism (like the fungus that takes over some ants). Some have made similar claims about how the ideas of French Theory function on human academic brains (language is a virus).


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