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Zombie for President

August 20, 2012

“A. Zombie” is running for president. His campaign website is – (found in USA Today)

a zombie campaign bus

About the Campaign

A. Zombie on Jobs:
“I’ll strive to increase America’s workforce…even if it kills me again.”

A. Zombie on Health Issues:
“I am pro-Zombiecare. Don’t be caught dead without it.”

A. Zombie on Foreign Policy:
“Until we solve the zombie-viewing crisis here in America, there’s no need to think about foreign policy.”

A. Zombie on the Environment:
“Four words: reduce, reuse, recycle, reincarnate.”

A. Zombie on the Economy:
“The average American family has a lot on its plate. But frankly, nothing good on its DISH.”

A. Zombie on Education:
“I heartily support No Zombie Left Behind.”

This is from the same people who brought us Zombie Experiment NYC; it’s Walking Dead promotional material, to try to get AMC network back on DISH. Funny.

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