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Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson about PRO ZOMBIE bumper stickers

August 19, 2012

William A. Jacobson is a professor at Cornell Law School where he is Associate Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Securities Law Clinic (see his wikipedia entry). His blog, Legal Insurrection today reposted a picture of a car bumper with three bumper stickers: a peace symbol, a “VOTE for CHANGE OBAMA ’08” and “PRO ZOMBIE”.

zombie william jacobson

The car bumper picture is attributed to @BlakeSeitz, taken “in a parking lot in Athens, GA”, “the jokes write themselves” but Jacobson adds his joke post title “If you own a business, you didn’t build that, zombies did“. This social constructivist truth is presented as a sarcastic anti-zombie remark and seems directly related to Mitt Romney’s recent rhetoric about high school honor rolls and that the credit belongs to the student himself or herself and not to the school bus driver;

This is a direct attack on zombie rights. It neglects that we are all here together. It pretends that the roads and other infrastructure that allow successful people to succeed, somehow built themselves.

Already Jacobson’s post has over half a dozen of comments:
“casual observer” focuses on the car bumper’s lack of a new 2012 Obama sticker and connects pro-zombie to disappointment in the president’s performance record.
“TroopeJohnSmith” thinks the car belongs to “a liberal arts major with at least 250K of student loan debt.”
“K” notes that both Obama and zombies are fictions.

This also relates to Zombie Education Systems and arguments of zombies as unproductive welfare recipients. But the zombies are our daddy, we need more acceptance and zombie pride because we are all zombie-robot-clowns (is their an “uncanny valley” in the perception of welfare need?). We should all study more liberal arts and read Marcel Proust and try to use less of our amygdala and more Wernicke’s.

Morality is a liberal art embedded in fictional (socially constructed) narratives. Expanding language through the study of liberal arts is essential for the knowledge foundation needed to develop a moral society of social acceptance. Virtuous fictions are important because in theory, the peace symbol is more powerful than the gun and we are all anosognosiastic philosophical p-zombies (see also David Chalmers and Daniel Dennett sorta zombies).

Finally, note the comment from “janitor” about the game “Humans versus Zombies” and recall that Mayor Bloomberg joked that zombie game describes Washington politics.


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