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Zombie rights – Batman, ParaNorman, and FOI requests @occupywallstreet #occupy

August 16, 2012

Rush Limbaugh got in a fuss about the new Batman movie because the villain name Bane sounds like Bain Capital and so Rush interpreted that as a purposeful political message anti-Romney. For a contrasting interpretation, here’s another crazy rant by E. Michael Jones for PressTV. In “Dark Knight portrays OWS crowd as mindless terrorist zombies“, Jones argues that Bane does not symbolize Big Capital but rather the Occupy Wall Street movement. Under this theory, Nolan’s Batman is capitalist propaganda for the military industrial complex. He writes:

If there is anything more obvious than Dark Knight Rises’ political bias, it is its unmistakable attack on the Occupy Wall Street movement. The fact that the film favors neither candidate in the upcoming elections is totally irrelevant, primarily because when it comes to any issue of significance there is no difference between the candidates. In completing the Batman trilogy, Nolan has revealed his true political (or, better, economic) colors as a propagandist who goes out of his way to demonize anyone who has any objections to the current political regime.

In Dark Knight Rises, Nolan portrays the hapless Occupy Wall Street crowd as mindless terrorist zombies who need to be destroyed by a combination of the military industrial complex, represented by the billionaire Bruce Wayne and Wayne Enterprises and all of his deadly gadgets, and the inept but nonetheless brutal New York City police department.

Nolan’s film is nothing if not an overly long, heavy-handed, brutalist defense of the entire cultural Gestalt of Capitalism,

Zombies and Occupy are notably related in the use of flash mob tactics. And recall previous ZombieLaw mentions of Occupy. Also recall previous ZombieLaw mention of Batman fighting zombies in the 1940s.

Also consider the following recent interview with Christopher Mintz-Plasse promoting the upcoming movie “ParaNorman“:

QUESTION: When you strip the zombies and ghosts away from “ParaNorman,” what movie were you making?

ANSWER: When I first read the script, I was just excited to be part of a stop-motion movie. I was like, “Oh, it’s really cool. It’s really funny.” And then once I saw the movie and did some interviews, people started to mention — this shows how much I pay attention — there’s an underlying kind of bullying theme in this, which I really should have realized, because I was the one doing the bullying. Not only am I bullying Norman, but the townspeople, in a way, bully the zombies. Which is a really good twist for the kids, ’cause zombies are normally scary, and you’ve never seen a zombie movie where they’re the ones getting bullied. So I think that’s a really smart thing to do for a young audience.

QUESTION: They [zombies] make a good persecuted second class. Once your limbs are falling off from decay, that’s sort of punishment enough.

ANSWER: Agreed. People gotta stop being dicks.

Finally, and somewhat related, see BBC article “Zombie FOI request costs Lincolnshire County Council” about the burden on county government of responding to somewhat absurd Freedom of Information requests. And while I agree that it is probably “not a good use of public funds” to respond to every zombie question, the zombies have a right to know!

Maybe Occupy should have an Occupy-FOI event to occupy government information. No one should be second-class persecuted and it’s the government records that we need to demonstrate these inequities. So we need FOI records to be responded to expediently, and truly there are no dumb questions. Maybe they need to hire more people to answer questions, and maybe they’ll have to raise taxes to pay those people. Is that really such a poor use of public funding? To answer good faith public questions, I don’t think so, even zombies deserve answers.


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