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Calcaterra says Ben Sheets is a zombie

August 15, 2012

Craig Calcaterra at Hardball Talk blog at NBC sports claims “Ben Sheets admits he’s a zombie” except the quotes from the athlete don’t seem to actually use the word. Instead his actual claims are just “dead body” and “My whole body felt dead” and “I was like ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ guy. I was like Bernie.”

zombie craid calcaterra

Those quotes aren’t really the same thing as admitting to being a “zombie”, right?. As someone who has been hyper-focused on that word I can’t help feeling Calcaterra’s headline is just plain wrong. There would seem to me, some differences between feeling “dead” and feeling like a “zombie”, but maybe not.

That said, the claims are obviously sort of similar and within creative license for a sports article. Also this is not the first time ZombieLaw has mentioned the 1989 movie “Weekend at Bernie’s”. Recall the post on “zombie economic discourse“. It might be interesting to consider our economy not zombie but rather a worn-out baseball player.

zombie ben sheets

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