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Romney taps “zombie-eyed-granny-starver” Paul Ryan for VP

August 11, 2012

Romney is running to the base, today confirming Paul Ryan, “zombie-eyed-grannny-starver”, as his choice for running mate. That phrase belongs to Esquire magazines’ Charles Pierce and ZombieLaw has previous mentioned his phrase here and here.

zombie paul ryan zombie charles pierce

UPDATE: Pierce chimed in this morning with “Paul Ryan: Murderer of Opportunity, Political Coward, Candidate for Vice President of the United States“:

Make no mistake. In his decision to make Paul Ryan, the zombie-eyed granny-starver from Wisconsin, his running mate, Romney finally surrendered the tattered remnants of his soul not only to the extreme base of his party, but also to extremist economic policies, and to an extremist view of the country he seeks to lead.

noting also:

Paul Ryan, the zombie-eyed granny starver, has done very well by the federal government that he seeks to dismantle.


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