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The Afghan Taliban’s Pakistani-made Franken-Gun

August 10, 2012

There is an ironic connection of maker-culture DIY to zombies by way of Frankenstein’s monster. Also zombies are a staple of war themes (death and guilt). And so it is fitting that make-shift weapons of war are called Franken-guns. See today’s NyTimes post by CJ Chivers: Taliban Gun Locker: The Frankengun of Wardak Province describing a makeshift automatic weapon (“a cross between an assault rifle and a submachine gun”) confiscated in Afghanistan’s Wardak Province. It seems like some kind of Kalashnikov but designed to look like an HK53 and Chivers quotes comments from Jonathan Ferguson, a curator at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, England, saying that the gun is reminiscent “of the post-apocalyptic video game Fallout”

read more on Frankengun:
nytimes frankengun

Fallout 3 weapons: “Chinese assault rifle” and “Plasma Rifle” – (maybe someone let me know if there is a better Fallout weapon that looks more similar)
fallout chinese assault rifle fallout plasma rifle

Also recall Putin’s zombie gun (a theoretical active denial system).


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