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Repeat: Zombie Bath Salts and Senator Rob Portman

August 9, 2012

There is a lot of buzz this morning about Senator Rob Portman for Veep on the Romney ticket. Before decision it would be great if we knew a little more about why Senator Portman was the Senate sponsor of the amendment to rush the illegalization of chemicals that make “bath salts”. As ZombieLaw previously wrote about in “Demand hearings on how Bath Salts became bipartisan

zombie rob portman in bath salt tub

We know now that the Miami causeway incident was a media circus and that the dead man did not actually have “Bath Salts” chemicals in his system. But the media exploded the “bath salts” story and somehow the U.S. Congress (who usually can’t agree on anything) was able to ramrod a long list of organic chemistry nomenclature and outlaw these chemicals by overwhelming consensus (94-2).

I still don’t know what these chemicals do but my guess is neither do most members of Congress. Bath salts aren’t even really bath salts, it’s slang, it’s all slang – and in this case I bet that outlawing these specific chemicals’ scientific-slang is most beneficial to large chemical and pharmaceutical companies who can afford to use alternative chemicals in their production. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe there were no legitimate uses for these chemicals and Sen. Portman is responsible for a major legislative success in having put in this amendment to criminalize them.

It obviously wasn’t a wedge issue so no one is talking about it. And really, no one knows what actually happened. Wagged dogs of media’s supposed bath salt zombies, no one in the media even tried to pretend that they understood the chemistry. Maybe they can’t explain it without also explaining how to make the drugs; which of course they don’t want to do — so instead they just make illegal a list of things they don’t understand.

ALSO today – the victim of the original Miami attack speaks (see Guardian or Gawker) but his story doesn’t make much sense either.

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