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Don’t fear zombies, fear pigs – No swine flu at the Denver County Fair

August 8, 2012


THERE ARE NO PIGS AT THE DENVER COUNTY FAIR. ( We focus on urban, Denver-legal animals, so any CDC warnings do not apply to us. )

The Denver County Fair
wants to be clear that you do not have to worry about swine flu.

“We’ve got unicorns. We’ve got zombies. But there are no pigs at our fair,” says fair director Dana Cain.
zombie dana cain

Read more at The Denver Post: “Zombies and unicorns at Denver County Fair — but pigs are absent” by Tegan Hanlon
zombie tegan hanlon

It’s sort of humorous that animal viral epidemiology makes the movie “Babe 2: Pig In the City” scarier than zombies.

zombie babe pig in the city

See also this article about freakshow performer “Ukulele Loki” and the Denver County Fair Freakshow Pavilion: “You can’t call it a freakshow unless you have a freak” by Cory Casciato. There is another quote from Dana Cain. Also, Cory Casciato (or someone with the same name?) is something of a zombie aficionado with the blogsite The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. He already has a zombie portrait of himself on his site but since he seems to like zombies I made him another one too – first image from his website, second constructed from his Trayvon Martin twitpic tribute

zombie cory casciato zombie cory casciato

Consider the connection of zombies to freaks and the implications for zombies role in critical theory and minority politics – recall Zombie Racism and Zombie Pride.

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  1. There is only one Cory Casciato, and I am a zombie aficionado. Thanks for zombifying my Trayvon Martin hoodie pic. Can’t have too many zombie portraits.

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