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More zombified cities: Miami, Detroit, Stockton, San Bernardino, Oakland

August 7, 2012

Business Insider contributor Mike “Mish” Shedlock writes “Zombie City Roundup: Miami, Detroit, Stockton And Oakland“:

zombie mike mish shedlock

Space does not permit a complete discussion of zombified cities. Such a list would be in the many hundreds. Rather this post is about four cities in recent news that are among the walking dead. One is even a dumping ground for the dead.

Shedlock uses the word to mean different things for the different city. For Detroit he discusses literal dead bodies dumped in an overgrown lot. For Miami, it’s financial crisis attempting to further cut pay for union contract public employees (police and fire). Similarly for Stockton and San Bernardino, pensions are blamed. And in Oakland, a “pension time bomb”.

Recall from ZombieLaw last week: Zombie Buffalo, NY discussing recent paper by academic urban planners about dead cities.


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