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Zombie Buffalo, NY – Real Estate and Baseball

August 3, 2012

Buffalo, NY is home to two zombie stories; economics and sports. In the Atlantic Cities, Richard Florida wrote yesterday “In Search of a Cure for Zombie Neighborhoods”:
zombie richard florida

So-called “zombie” properties — buildings and even entire neighborhoods that from an economic perspective are both unviable and unrevivable — are analogous to the walking dead that populate the movies of George A. Romero, contend the authors of the new study, “Dawn of the Dead City: An Exploratory Analysis of Vacant Addresses in Buffalo, NY 2008-2010” published in the Journal of Urban Affairs. [Robert] Mark Silverman, Li Yin, and Kelly L. Patterson of the University at Buffalo have taken on the task of charting the rise of zombie neighborhoods in the shrinking cities of America’s Rustbelt.

zombies robert mark silverman, li yin, kelly patterson

Movie zombies, they argue, are good metaphors for the socioeconomic processes that have devastated so many cities, “which no longer produce goods and services in a sustainable manner. Their schools fail to replenish human capital, their labor forces are depleted as the population grays, they have weakened civic institutions, and they are devoid of cultural meaning.”

The authors root their study in Buffalo, a city that has experienced long-run economic trauma brought on by the decline of manufacturing industries. Nearly 80 percent of Buffalo’s manufacturing jobs have disappeared since 1970. The city’s population is less than half of what it was in 1950; the broader metro region population has declined by 16 percent.

buffalo zombie map

Note also, Robert Mark Silverman and Kelly L. Paterson previously collaborated on “The Four Horsemen of the Fair Housing Apocalypse: A Critique of Fair Housing Policy in the USA” published in Critical Sociology January 2012 38: 123-140, first published on January 11, 2011

Meanwhile, tonight (Aug3), at Coca-Cola Field, home of minor league baseball team the Buffalo Bisons is having Zombie Night (discovered thanks to WKBW News).

zombie night at coca cola field buffalo baseball

The Bisons are hoping to set the Guinness Book record for the most zombies in one place.

I’m not sure what the current record is, but Coca-Cola Field can seat over 18 thousand.

Freed Maxick CPAs will take an official “Zombie Count” and see if Bisons fans will get their names in the record books yet again!

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