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Sequester Taxmageddon solves Grover Norquist

July 18, 2012

C-span today aired Brookings Institution Discussion on ‘Fiscal Cliff’: Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) Takes Hard Line on ‘Fiscal Cliff’
in which it is hypothesized that we should maybe jump off the supposed cliff; the sequester — Let the Bush Tax cuts expire, even let it happen for a day (Jan 1) and immediately the country majorly fixes the revenue problem and any budget compromise could then by definition be a tax cut and no longer violate the Grover Norquist pledge.

zombie grover norquist

If congress doesn’t act, the taxes automatically go up, but OK because surely they will be able to agree when the problem is reversed and any agreement will be a technical tax cut. But this is word games. Either way we can compare tax rates from year to year; that is, if anyone could actually understand tax rates.

All this is just a game of chicken, but it really sounds like Dems should play it to the end (like Thelma and Louise did). It all depends on the zombie congress in the lame duck session, but the zombie problems are surely to keep on going on into 2013 and the 113th Congress; fear the number 13?


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