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Gone Zombie Fishin’ – back in 2 weeks (if the world doesn’t end)

July 18, 2012

The reappearance of the parading atheist zombie is a nice sort of bookend for ZombieLaw; as I leave for two week holiday and am forced to pause this blog, it is nice to have the first and last posts match.

Somehow this blog has become artistic zombified renderings of all sorts of random journalists and political figures. I intended it to be more of the zombie legal cases but those are here too (See Scholes, undead, walking dead, administrative apocalypse amongst some other historic zombie cases).

And over the past four months we’ve explored many zombie political and legal metaphors. Some were more expected than others. The whole Miami Bath Salts things was really unexpected and I still think there should be hearings on how a divided Congress suddenly rallied around unknown chemicals. And there are plenty more questions: Are we all Dennett’s p-zombies? Is Gov. Chris Christie really a zombie killer? Will next season of Community be any good?

But for now, I am going on zombie vacation. If the world ends this week don’t expect me to tweet about it. Remember the automatic tweet that could have been the end of the world? Well, if the zombie apocalypse happens in the next two weeks, it won’t be me to report it. I’m gone til August.

If I make it back alive, and if the summer of zombies is still going, and if this blog still seems like a fun idea, then I promise to resume this crazy adventure; otherwise I might instead get a puppy; or both.

There are still many zombie legal issues I want to write about and I have some other monster surprises in store for you too. Til then, thank you very much for reading (I’ve really enjoyed all your comments and it’s amazing how much a simple “like” can brighten a zombie’s day). Go feed somewhere else for a while, but remember your Zombie Pride

zombie law scotus

ZombieLaw will return in August. Apologies for the interruption.

In the meantime, may I suggest a movie?
Bela Lugosi’s White Zombie from 1932 is really fun and free to watch on Internet Archive. Or if you dig silent films (and want a hint about where I’m on holiday), Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is also available free stream at Internet Archive.

And finally, I know this is crude and I know we are all hurting in this zombie economy at the start of the Anthropocene, but in the spirit of AD Lane @indywoodfilms, zombies being a mega money industry, very honestly, I could use a little stimulus package.

So if you’ve enjoyed this blog, keep reading more of it (there are like 200 posts now, surely you missed some). But if you really enjoy reading it, please please donate some money. I know you need your money, but you like this blog and you want to make sure I definitely keep doing zombielaw after I get back from my honeymoon. If you can’t give now, give tomorrow, or both. Either way, thanks for reading.

Seriously, it’s been really fun writing this blog and I look forward to getting back to it. Thanks again for reading.

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