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Zombies today

July 17, 2012

Zombies Beware! Republicans Don’t Want You to Vote by Joanne Bamberger about zombie voters and the politics of voter ID laws, claiming that arguments about dead voters are an attempt to reduce voter turnout (and are akin to “zombie lies”):

because of their efforts, conservatives must really be afraid of the dead, be they ghosts or zombies.


virtually nothing of what they say about zombie voting is true

Meanwhile, NPR Game Show Mocks Romney NAACP Speech With Zombie and Dog Car Trip Jokes By Tim Graham:

The leftish tilt of the NPR audience was also on display as one caller/contestant mocked Romney as comparable to a flesh-eating zombie.

And also, Chodorow’s zombie tax article has made it to Time Magazine – “Tax Implications of the Zombie Apocalypse” by Christopher Matthews.

And finally for now, “zombie economy” linked to consumer spending by Worries of a “Zombie Economy” With Lag In Consumer Spending by Sharon Ko (no picture available at this time, does that make her lucky or unlucky?) —

have a zombie day….


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