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US Zombie – #blackpanthers #occupy #ows

July 16, 2012

Larry Pinkney (veteran of the Black Panther Party) authored “The vicious walking U.S. zombie“, July 13, 2012:

It is not Africa, Asia, or Europe that have died in the 21st century. It is the Empire of the United States that is dying and decaying.

Perhaps one of the most significant ironies pertaining to this crumbling Empire is that the majority of its people have yet to realize that the U.S. Empire is a walking zombie in a state of accelerating decay. Tell-tale and sure signs of the collapsing U.S. Empire is that now the United States government has become one that openly utilizes and rationalizes the use of torture, ‘kill list’ murders (i.e., “extrajudicial killings”), and coup d’états (i.e., “regime changes”). This is the stuff of a vicious and collapsing Empire, not a resilient, peace-loving democracy.

The U.S. Empire, controlled by the elite of the corporate/military apparatus, is not only driven by insatiable greed and the lust for power, it is utterly pathological and insane. If we are to save ourselves, our posterity, and our Mother Earth, we must act NOW, while there is yet time.

But it’s not clear exactly what Pinkney thinks we should do to act, his opinions suggest that Obama is a mere pawn, but he can’t possibly think Romney would be better. The argument seems to be that Obama is not black enough (“nominally black”). And that the blackness is used to excuse horrors:

For after all, he is the first black president (i.e. chief executive) of the U.S. Empire, as if that absolves him of all responsibility, accountability and morality. In less than four years later, he has 1) adroitly facilitated trillions of dollars to the corporate Wall Street elite/robber barons, 2) removed the option of single payer health care, 3) intensified the use of predator drone missiles against sovereign nations, 4) kept the U.S. gulag and torture chamber of Guantanamo open and in operation, 5) extended and broadened the unconstitutional ‘Patriot’ Act, 6) signed into law the draconian NDAA, 7) bombed and increased the militarization of Africa, 8) further militarily destabilized the Middle East, 9) seeks to control and corral parts of eastern Europe and Asia (causing dangerous tensions with Russia and China), and 10) granted unto himself the amoral authority of a ‘kill list’—with the power to murder at will (and without trial, jury, or legal defense) any that he deems to be a threat (real or imagined) to the U.S. international imperialistic designs of the U.S. Empire. All of these actions are in fact signs not of strength but of weakness by a waning, vicious, and desperate U.S. Empire intent upon retaining, at any cost, its former ability to dominate the entire world, even if this means bringing about a nuclear war which will destroy all human life.

Would Condoleezza Rice be better? Blacker? Less draconian? Doubtful. I’m not saying I disagree with Pinkney’s rant, I am just saying I don’t know what we are supposed to do about it.

One option, take the to the streets with Occupy. Yates McGee on writes “As Occupy Wall Street Anniversary Approaches, Debt Emerges as Widespread Occupy Grievance“:

ONE, we are the zombies! TWO; we are indebted! THREE; this occupation is… om-nom nom-nom…

Playfully infusing a familiar Occupy Wall Street chant with the mindless noshing of zombies, last month around 100 costumed protestors undertook a small but significant “Night of the Living Debt” march around the New York University campus and Washington Square Park.

With its necromantic pop-cultural reference, the march suggested that zombie-like servitude to Wall Street creditors is a basic condition of life for the majority of the population — a point driven home with a cathartic “debtor’s die-in” at the conclusion of the event.

The Night of the Living Debt march was just one sign that debt is emerging as a connective thread for OWS organizers and their allies as they begin to build toward the movement’s one year anniversary of September 17, variously known as S17, Black Monday and Occupy Year One.

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