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Kate Roger’s FoxBusiness Zombies

July 13, 2012

Kate Rogers at Fox Business has been bitten by the zombie bug. Two articles posted by her today:

zombie kate rogers

1) “How to Keep the ‘Walking Dead’ Out of Your Small Business” is a rehash of the article by Jessica Stillman in Time about dead-weight employees and the cost of bad hiring decisions (previously mentioned at ZombieLaw regarding jobs numbers and zombie economy). Stillman’s article also appeared in Inc. The major argument is that businesses shouldn’t hire new employees, just use freelancers because it will cost less in the long run (with some blame to Obamaconony but I think the blame lies elsewhere – and what’s wrong with more freelance? I think I might personally prefer to be a freelancer with government single-payer health care but what do I know)

2) “America Hooked on Zombies—But Why?” is an attempt at a “why zombies” article similar to stuff published around the time of the Miami media circus (recall “growth of zombies online“), one insightful point from Roger’s article is about similar metaphors in sports rhetoric:

sports players are referred to during events as “monsters,” “beasts “and “wicked.”

Recall again Four Horsemen of Apocalypse as a sport reference by Grantland Rice in 1924. And recall that this is all mostly advertising for what is reportedly a 5 billion dollar zombie industry.

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One Comment
  1. CindyLu permalink

    Who’s the bigger fool? The one who comes up with stupid ideas or the ones who actually listen to hype propaganda?

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