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Kernan Zombies are people who disagree with you

July 12, 2012

Bonnie Kavoussi in HuffPo writes “CNBC Host Joe Kernen: Paul Krugman Owes Us An Apology” with video.

Kernan seems to believe that Krugman disparaged the entire CNBC network (presumably referring to Krugman’s post about CNBC Zombies). I think Kernan should rewatch the clip from yesterday. Also, this whole thing seems like a media setup – afterall it is CNBC who started pushing “zombie economy”.

Kavoussi writes:

Kernen added after the commercial break: “Zombie is the word you use whenever anyone says something that is I guess antithetical to what he feels.

And though that is actually a very VERY good point (“zombie” is about absolute Otherness and declares an ‘us vs. them’ mentality. But again, I would say Kernan should rewatch yesterday’s segment. Kernan opened by calling Krugman “like a unicorn”, “an ancient species” claiming he wanted a philosophical argument but then interrupts with a false capitalism or socialism dichotomy before Krugman can complete his thought and later asks “you are a capitalist, right?”

This was supposed to be a talk about Krugman’s book. Instead it was just a lot of factless propaganda; as Krugman responds “there are so many myths out there” – “I don’t know what planet these people are living on”. That’s what made it zombie. Not mere disagreement but philosophically opposed sides that are not even in the same world of fact.

At the least Sorkin, could have done is mention the title of the book again at the end of the segment. And next time probably don’t suggest that appearing on a cable talk show is somehow equivalent to a Nobel Prize. But of course that helps to minimize the later comparisons to Sweden’s economy and further paint Krugman as some kind of socialist – which is of course the original American word for whenever anyone says something that antithetical to what you feel.


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  1. Alex Nash permalink

    PK zombie reference is to an economic idea that, proved wrong or irrelevant time and time again, just won’t die. Joe Kernan’s entire repertoire of ideas might fit into this category, in addition to deficit hawkery of Alan Simpson. A Zombie idea has a very specific reference, although not a complicated one, and I’m not surprised Kernan didn’t understand it. I am surprised anyone with half a brain wants to listen to Kernan speak, however. I could learn more about economics by watching snookie pea herself on the Jersey Shore.

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