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More Zombie Themes

July 7, 2012

Mike Fayette published: “9 Things I’ve Learned From John Boehner and Kim Kardashian“:

zombie mike fayette

9. Information Travels Fast, But That Doesn’t Mean it’s More Accurate
8. You Can Become Famous for Being Famous
7. Anyone Gets Medals for Anything
6. The U.S. Political System is an Elementary School Playground
5. Everything Revolvs Around Fantasy
4. If You’re Not “Green,” You’re a Traitor and Deserve to Be Executed
3. Government and Corporations, Two Essential American Institutions, Are Now Evil
2. Our Educational System Sucks Big Time
1. War is Good for Nothing

Particularly in #5 ‘Everything’s a Fantasy’, the word “zombie” appears:

We are vampire, witches and wizards, zombie, outer space, dinosaur, never grow old, never be denied, never have enough obsessed.

All nine themes seem related to ZombieLaw.

9 seems related to zombie lies, 8 is about dissociated author functions, 7 is about recent SCOTUS Stolen Valor Act, 6 is about inappropriate emotions, 5 is about the illusion inherent in social construction of knowledge, 4 is about the otherness of being Green, 3 is about evil corporations, 2 is about zombied education, and war at #1 is of course, the ultimate zombie maker.

Fayette also recently published about PTSD Awareness recall ZombieLaw post on Cold War Veteran denied PTSD

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