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Chodorow again, this time in NYTimes

July 7, 2012

So this is the third time I am mentioning Adam Chodorow’s law review article about zombies and estate planning. I first caught it in May and then again the other day when it appeared in Forbes. Today John Schwartz brings Chodorow’s undead taxes to the NYTimes: “Estate Planning for Savvy Zombies”:

WHO doesn’t love a good law review article? I found one recently on tax policy that — wait! Don’t turn the page until you’ve heard the title.

It’s “Death and Taxes and Zombies.”

See? Interesting! It’s what we’ve all been waiting for: an investment strategy angle on the whole zombie phenomenon.

zombie john schwartz nytimes
chodorow zombie

Schwartz goes on to suggest that the editors of the Iowa Law Review, “twenty-somethings … may have said, ‘Zombies! Cool!'”

And he also references Occupy Wall Street (recall OWS rhetoric like “the system is dead” or “money is an illusion”). There is also the connection of Occupy to Anonymous and thus to zombie botnets. But more significantly there was the idea that boots-on-the-ground protesters could be a form of physical politics separated from the higher-minded political arena. Though some Occupiers might see money as dead and consumerists as zombie destroyers, the Occupiers themselves were zombie hordes, leaderless flash mobs as a form of mindless body. Also the street protester self-defense guides for are remarkably similar to guides to prepare for survival in a zombie apocalypse (cover face, use garbage cover as shield, how to make a Molotov cocktail, etc…).

Schwartz concludes his article with reference to DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act), likening zombies, vampires and werewolves to alternative lifestyles. This is an important queer theory (critical studies, French theory) angle. The idea of us all as strange creatures in a menagerie of monsters, is foundational to critical theory, notions of Otherness, and understanding Difference. See also, George Mazzei’s 1979 article in “The Advocate” entitled “Who’s Who in the Zoo?” referenced by wikipedia for use of animal words (like “bear”, “otter”, “cub”, “wolf”) to describe archetypes of gay culture. Consider also, X-men mutant rights.


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