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Smithsonian’s Presidential Monsters

June 28, 2012

In President vs. Monsters and Legends: “Harry Rubenstein, chair and curator of the National Museum of American History’s Division of Political History, fields questions posed by Smithsonian magazine editorial intern Kat J. McAlpine.”

zombie harry rubenstein zombie kat j mcalpine

Rubenstein doesn’t think of Lincoln as a vampire hunter, suggests Teddy Roosevelt. If there is zombie uprising, he thinks we’d be best with Andrew Jackson or Dwight Eisenhower (recall Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson the Musical).

The curator also thinks Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter were most like the mad scientist Dr. Frankenstein, that there have been no werewolf presidents since WW2 (where werewolf means bearded), and if extraterrestrial aliens made contact it was probably during Clinton’s cultural diversity or the Thomas Jefferson enlightenment.

Rubenstein concludes:

there is a quality to all political parties that is secretive and national; you could treat it as a conspiracy. They are conspiring.

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