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Democratic hypocrisy – don’t think of drugs or guns

June 23, 2012

George Lakoff has aptly explained that if I tell you not to think of an elephant, you will think of an elephant.

Similarly, if the media says bath salts or synthetic drugs caused zombie, you will at the least think about bath salts, you might wonder what they are, or want to try them.

So claims Glenn Garvin in Commentary: Politicians as ‘bath salt’ pushers published in the Miami Herald a few days ago and found reprinted today in the Kansas City Star:

there’s still not a shred of evidence that bath salts had anything to do with the zombie incident.


The only thing the panic over bath salts is likely to do, in the end, is sell more bath salts.

Concluding: “Our politicians are pushers.”

Think also of the EAO testimony of the DEA administrator from the other day. Already ZombieLaw has mentioned that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee asked about bath salts but then skip ahead and watch Rep. Steve Cohen ask about marijuana policy, or better yet skip to Rep. Jared Polis (a ZombieLaw favored Congressman) as he hammers home the absurdist follow-up. DEA administrator Leonhart performs true to her name and answers faithfully to the very model of modern top-cop doublespeak.

Similarly, but regarding guns, an editorial published today in The Register Guard: “EDITORIAL: Of Democrats and zombies:
Whatever the cause, gun, ammo sales are soaring” noting the oft-mentioned link in prospective gun legislation and gun sales. Again politicians serve as the pushers. The article also mentions that “green is the official Zombie-killing color” (though I’m not sure if that’s universal or just a trademark of the Hornady Manufacturing Company).

Either way, the connection of “green” to both marijuana and environmentalism (and the Arab spring) is notable. And so again the zombies are connected to plants. Note Garvin writes that when the name “bath salts” is made illegal the drug-dealers might instead call it “plant food”. And with synthetics, even if illegalized by molecular formula, the chemists might alter part of the molecule.

Here again, changes in technology are causing the failure of our words and legal categories. Moreover the very attempt to question and reconcile leads to unintended suggestions. Or maybe it’s intended. After all there are big monied interests at play. Who would want to criminalize homemade small business bath soaps? well, let’s see Proctor&gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, GE, ya know all those companies that pay for the media we read. We can’t have little old ladies cooking up chemicals and competing with us. Moreover, we can’t have Cartels selling cheap discount Oxycontin. We need people hooked on our health care system. Ya know the one we told you could be Single Payer and that you deserve Universal Health Care but then didn’t give it to you and now will make you pay for it. Government Pushers!

Our drug policy is about cracking cartels because we are the biggest cartel and this is what big cartels do to little competitors. Marijuana is a threat because it can help alleviate the addictions to pain killers as Rep. Polis described and people could conceivably grow it themselves. But we can’t have that, we need people hooked on health care. And we need the underground market too. So Congressman become pushers by even bringing it up. But what choice do they have?

Which brings me back to zombies. Recall Why Conservative Like Zombies , keep reifying that zombie message. Keep triggering the memes associated with the undead monsters. Why? What are they trying to get us to buy? Does thinking of zombies create feelings of alienation, and hopelessness or precisely the opposite? Does the conception of zombie provide an alternative to help emphasize our own illusions of choice?

If the illusion of gun regulation can spark gun sales, and the media mentions of drug slang can spark teenage deaths, surely a popular Hollywood character can also become an important influencer of political identity. But the elephant in the room is the question, how can we measure that influence?


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