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Zombie News: Sports and Weather

June 21, 2012

No particular “zombie” political news to report today. Although, in Congressional hearings today, DEA Administrator Leonhart was asked about “bath salts” by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, AND in separate proceedings Rep. Carolyn Maloney and Rep. Danny Davis both referred to the contempt action against Attorney General Holder as a “(political) witch hunt”. But no actual mention of zombies in my search of today’s political news. So today’s news finds zombies not in politics but in sports and weather!

Seattle’s Q13 Fox News: “Seattle fans dressed as zombies appear at NBA Finals”: “Oklahoma City loses the game and the PR battle”. An article about:

filmmakers behind the documentary Sonicsgate turned performers on Tuesday, as they appeared dressed as zombie Sonics at Game 4 of the NBA Finals in Miami (of course Miami!)

The pair, Jason Reid and Colin Baxter, were protesting the Supersonics move to Oklahoma City in 2008

zombie sonics sonicsgate

It’s a protest so I guess that’s political. See interview with Jason Reid in ESPN. And zombies have a history in sports politics (see ZombieLaw: Federal Baseball).

The Q13 article credits ESPN sportswriter Bill Simmons for coining the phrase “Zombie Sonics” to refer to the basketball team that is now become the Oklahoma City Thunder. He also called them the “The Team That Shall Not Be Named” (See Steve Kelley in Seattle Times, 2009).

But supersonic became thunder, that’s slower right? Note, the zombies here aren’t the team (which is in the NBA finals) but rather the dissociated fans. But speaking of thunder, let’s turn to weather.

accuweather zombies
Samantha Kramer, staff writer at writes, “Zombie” Tropical Storm Chris Staggers in Atlantic“:

Tropical Storm Chris, which formed in the northern Atlantic on Tuesday, is acting like a “zombie” storm.

“The storm is alive, but it should not be,” Senior Meteorologist Rob Miller explained. “The storm is not in a region that is prone to tropical development.


The “zombie” tropical storm is forecast to become a post-tropical cyclone by early Thursday.

Then, Alex Sosnowski, expert senior meteorologist at AccuWeather, endorsed his colleague’s zombie storm language with a link in “East and Gulf Coast Tropical Concern”

And this zombie storm story has numerous reposts including Julie Brown Patton at Eureka-Wildwood who wonders about “zombie tornadoes”… yes, why not? The adjective can seemingly apply to anything.


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